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Here at Ken's Auto Body, we pride ourselves in our outstanding customer service. Here's just a small sampling of the many customers who have enjoyed their experience at Ken’s. 1


Kathy C

"I would like to thank you for repairing my Mom and Dad's Town & Country ~ you charged book rate while other shops were wanting to charge double. You now have 2 new customers. You Rock Thanks"

Marilyn B

"Thank u so much for always fixing my cars and working with us."

Jimmy N
Woodburn, OR

"My car failed on me and I needed to be towed to a nearby auto shop. I did a quick scan of reviews of nearby auto mechanics, and Ken's Auto Body & Service Center had the most decent reviews (based on the few Yelp and Google reviews). I called them up first to make sure it they were able to help with my issue, and they informed to drop my keys into the drop box since they were already closed (somebody answered the phone at 6pm, despite they closed at 5pm).

I called the next day multiple times to get updates on how serious the issue was; just like every other customer, being without a car to drive to/from work is discomforting. I didn't get an idea of what it was until Friday where the mechanic, Bruce, quoted me from $600 to $1600. My timing belt failed and depending if it caused any further damage to my engine will determine if further work was needed. Hearing it may be up to $1600 in repair and labor costs worried me because most people, including myself, did not have $1600 laying around in a rainy day fund.

It was Labor Day weekend, so they were closed the weekend and Monday. On Wednesday I called to find out the final balance for the work done on my car. They told me my car did not receive any further damage from my timing belt failure; my balance was $623. To my dismay, I'm shocked that they didn't "pull one over" and charged me the crazy amount of $1600 (as most dishonest mechanics would do).

Now my car runs great again. I will definitely recommend them to others who have not done business with them yet.

Ken's Auto Body is clearly one of the most honest auto repair shops around! They have my upmost respect based on their hight levels of integrity and honesty."

Tim D
Portland, OR

"This is one of the last honest mechanic shops around. Customer service is exemplary (contrary to the previous review) and the work is professional and competitively priced. In addition, my oil change included a free car wash! This is the small town place that knows your name when you walk in the door, coffee is ready, and occasionally even some cake. They take care of their customers and their cars. You cannot go wrong trusting your car to Ken and his dedicated team of employees."

Newberg, OR

"My Mazda Protege needed its windshield and fender replaced and an oil change all done on the same day to fit my work schedule. Ken worked directly with my insurance company to get the windshield replaced and since I was paying out-of-pocket to get my fender replaced, he called around to different used parts places and found a really affordable used fender for me. I felt completely taken care of! They did the windshield, fender and oil change all on the same day! But that wasn't all.

I was so amazed when I saw my car that I almost didn't recognize it! They had washed the outside and completely cleaned the inside of my car. It's never looked so good! I'm recommending Ken's to my boss who needs some auto body work done and to all my friends and relatives. Thanks Ken and your team for going way above and beyond!"

Woodburn, OR

"I've been a customer of Ken's twice and I've always had a great experience. I've been to a Honda dealership a few times to get my Civic serviced when I first bought my car and then I went to Ken's Auto Body to get my bumper fixed and some new tires. I was treated soooo much better at Ken's and my car was in and out of the shop on the same day! They even cleaned my interior and washed my car for free. And they gave me before and after photos of what my car looked like before and after my car was fixed, which I thought was amazing customer service. I'm never going back to the dealership, not just because Ken's charged me way less, but because they've always been honest, friendly and treated me so well. I'm a huge Ken's fan!"

Woodburn, OR

"Dear Ken,
I wanted to thank you for 1) prompt service to repaint a rear quarter panel on my ’98 Dodge pickup, 2) the excellent quality of your work, and 3) lastly for doing a commendable overall “cleanup” job of my truck. It looked like it had just come from a vehicle detail shop when I come to pick it up.

You can count on me for a recommendation any time!"

Salem, OR

"Amazing! I had never been in an accident prior to two weeks ago and was expecting a major hassle, but Ken's was so awesome! I worked directly with Ken and when I picked up my car it looked better than when it went in. I also noticed that two other customers were picking up their cars as well late that Friday afternoon and we all talked about how surprised we were at how great an auto body shop could be! Good job Ken!! Thanks a ton and I plan on telling all my friends about you guys!! See you again next month for my oil change too."

Woodburn, OR

"I just want to say that Ken and his staff have really impressed me with their professionalism and their ability to get my repairs done quickly and they worked well with my insurance company too. I will always take my vehicle to them and will always recommend them to all my friends."

Hubbard, OR

"My comment on Ken’s is that his prices on tires are the best in town. My tires are great, my car rides quieter than ever and he beat the other tire shops in town by over fifty bucks. Thanks Ken!"


We strive to go above and beyond to make your experience with Ken's Auto Body a great one. If you have any questions or concerns or would like to remedy a less-than-perfect experience you've had, we always encourage you to first talk with us in person, over the phone or by email and we will do everything we can to turn your experience into a great one.

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Ken's Auto Body customer reviews from Yelp, Google and Yahoo reviews.